Born in Tokyo. Studied the art of making leather bags as my first job, after which I worked in a bag maker studio. I became independent in 2000 and regularly exhibited my work until 2012. I produced wallets until 2021 and am now creating items using Irish linen. I established Zétton Ireland in October 2021.
I have finished producing the wallets in June 2022 that I had been making for almost two decades. Instead, I have started to make teatowels and tote bags using Irish linen fabric.
It is important to have at least one work of art you really love in the space where you live, to stimulate a feeling of passion. Of course, the item itself has less value if nobody uses it and if you have too much stuff, it is easy to lose the sense of what you really like. If you can feel the passion of the creator, whether that be of a garden, a pot, a plant or a book, anything at all, their handiwork gives new perspective and understanding of life. Even though the work is not a human, you treat it with humility and love.
I have definitely met new perspectives in Dublin and I have started new types of craft as well. I make teatowels and tote bags with Irish linen fabric. I hope that people who buy my work can feel the quality of the long-lasting linen fabric.
I post images and of Irish country and some work on the course in RSN on Instagram. On this site I also keep pages related to Ireland and Japan, as well as the embroidery I have created.