Makiko Fukuoka

There is a lot of great art and beautiful craftwork made in Japan. I know a few individual artists: a glassworker, a weaver, a painter and others. I have brought some of their works with me. Some have learnt their works in Europe, some have been inspired by European culture, although Japanese culture permeates the work. They have an inimitable skill. I have brought their works with me to Ireland and put them in my new house. Sometimes I wonder why they don't feel out of place here. The power of their work has a universal appeal and I think Ireland and Japan have quite similar styles, despite being half way round the world from each other. I hope you enjoy these shots of Japanese scenery and craftworks.

<div class='japanese'>Joy Y suzuki</div>
<div class='japanese'><a target='_blank' href='https://benesse-artsite.jp/en/'>Benesse Art Site Naoshima</a></div>
<div class='japanese'>Cherry blossoms at Tamagawa Weir</div>
Ena, Gifu Prefecture
<a class='zetton-link' href='http://www.douwakan.co.jp/museum/'>Inorinooka Picture Book Museum</a>
<div class='japanese'>Tokyo Aoyama <a class='zetton-link' href='https://www.spiral.co.jp/en/shoplist/spiral_market'>Spiral Market</a></div>
<div class='japanese'><a class='zetton-link' href='http://magewappa.com/allproducts/shiraki/'>Magewappa</a> Japanese Bento Box</div>
Kumamoto Castle 2015
<a class='zetton-link' href='http://www.ghibli-museum.jp/en/'>The Ghibli Museum</a>
Matsushima, Miyagi prefecture
Aomoriken, <a class='zetton-link' href='http://www.aomori-museum.jp/en/'>Aomori Museum of Art</a>
Aya Kawaguchi
<a class='zetton-link' href='http://www.kotorihanaten.com/'>kotori Florist</a>
Nezu Museum
<a class="zetton-link" href="http://work.s-nakaba.com/" class="zetton-link">Shinji Nakaba</a>
Tamao Tei
<a class="zetton-link" href="https://www.kanstable.com">Mikiko Nakano</a>
<a class="zetton-link" href="http://www.ogurasensyokuzuankobo.jp/index.html">Mituko Ogura</a>
<a class="zetton-link" href="http://strand.jp/">Nobuko Kobayashi</a>
<div class='japanese'>Atelier Kika Kamakura</div>
<a class="zetton-link" href="http://hiki2.jugem.jp/">hiki</a>
<a class="zetton-link" href="http://outbound.to/news/">OUTBOUND</a> in Kichijyoji